Awakening To The Christ Mind Within


Awakening To The Christ Mind Within

What Jesus Really Taught

This book demonstrates why Jesus is the bridge between God and Man. Not the only bridge, but a bridge that makes experiential sense. As the New Testament shows, Jesus is not the bridge in the traditional sense of being a blood sacrifice. For God's Creation does not need redemption. But as Jesus says, you do need to "change your mind" so you can wake up.

A god of retribution is a god made through the eyes of a confused human condition. However, because God's Creation sees no sin to forgive, the bridge between God and man is through Jesus' demonstration of real forgiveness, the forgiveness of humankind's confusion.

This book is not about a god of mystery or complication. Because "God is love," this book is about a simple solution; a solution that has to do with your journey home to a place you never left.

"Because you journey to peace, you are at the beginning of your journey. When you find peace, you are at the end of your journey, the place before your beginning. Be of good cheer for I have transcended the world. And because I have done it, you also will do it." - Jesus

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In the Light of Passage


In the Light of Passage

Wherever you go, you take yourself with you. Are you ready?

A man who's lost in the forest tries to find his way home with the help of some strange new friends. An overworked counselor is sent on an unexpected quest of self-discovery. A climber seeks adventure on an infamously dangerous mountain steeped in supernatural stories. With these characters' journeys, In the Light of Passage explores the lessons that we learn in life and what it means to live.

Life is a journey. We are always moving forward, sometimes drudging through our daily schedules of school or work, marching through unexpected trials, pulling ourselves through sad and stressful times. Whether through bad times or good, we must always keep moving. But what lessons are we learning on this journey? And what types of people are we becoming? Follow these three short stories and find out.

This book is an entertaining read for ages 10 and up.

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Words of Love

The word “love” is a conversation in all intimate relationships. What is love and how is it to be found? This book is about your journey to experience love, and the healing of relationships that struggle with a lack of love. It is about the removal of your blocks to love’s awareness. Relationships reflecting lasting connections are transformed encounters beyond the level of body identity. Love is a transcendent experience beyond words. Words of Love illuminates your journey to love’s experience.



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Reflections for the Wandering Mind

When it comes to books on meditation, I do not pretend to think this book is something new. They are as numerous as the stars. However, this book is different in that it focuses solely on a dedication to unify your mind towards Peace. 
      This book is not about changing your world so you can have peace. Peace is not there! It is about correction at the level of your mind; changing your mind about everything you think will bring you peace. It is about a unified goal for peace of mind.
      This book contains lessons that allow your mind to experience the peace that is already there.


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Transformational Psychotherapy – Theory and Practice

This book is very different from 20th Century mainstream therapy. Its guiding principle is that separation from Source is impossible: the body is not what you really are, sickness is an imagined dream, and death is not real. It is within the power of your mind to make what is not real and experience it as true. You are doing it all the time.
The mind is naturally abstract, motivated towards an integrated goal of One Mindedness. That is why the power of changing our mind is your transformation towards healing. Mind over matter is true ... but not for a mind in conflict with itself.
This is a book for the 21st Century. It addresses what Transformational Psychotherapy is and how healing occurs. This book is for those who seek a deeper awareness of how the mind works ... and how we can move towards peace of mind.


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Symbols of Power in Metaphysics

Some of the symbols addressed in this book deal with clarification regarding; the body as the center of experience, dream interpretation, past lives, out of body experiences, the nature of karma, how to express your creative self and the like. You will find suggestions on how to reframe these symbolic interpretations that have limited your client’s ability from expressing his or her creative self.  


This is the second book in a series called The Edge of Passage.


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The Way Home: Stories From The Master is an inspiration for a progressive spiritual awakening.  This book deals with lessons necessary for one’s spiritual journey.  The first draft was completed in 1987, and is the first in a series called The Edge Of Passage.



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Healing The Wound: The Family's Journey Through Chemical Dependency was published in 2006. This book is about the issue of chemical dependency in our society and  how it tears families apart.  "In some way, it affects all of us."  Healing The Wound is a response to the helpless, hopeless faces of confusion, anger and guilt that ask "what's going on?"  Through this book, affected family members are taken through a basic understanding of the cunning, baffling, and powerful nature of addiction.  Not only does this book help family members walk through anger, guilt, and fear, it also helps the family begin the process of healing . . . to remember once again how to love.  Not only does this book provide hope, it challenges us to look within . . . for here the solution waits . . . to be remembered once again.



'Healing The Wound: The Family's Journey Through Chemical Dependency' is available on Amazon



Symbols of Power in Philosophy: What the great minds of our past have to teach us about today's issues

As far back as 40,000 years ago cave drawings were used to communicate meaning through art. Ever since, human kind has been contemplating their place in the universe. This book is an introduction to some of the greatest philosophical minds whose writings have survived as far back as twenty five hundred years ago. There is a common theme among them that has something to teach us today.

This book is a simple approach to the development of philosophy over time and how it relates to ethics, personality theory, child development, economics, war, politics, technology and the science of measure. It may also provoke you to take a second look at everything you hold dear.


'Symbols of Power in Philosophy: What the great minds of our past have to teach us about today's issues' is available on Amazon